Stellar Practice Facilities

What better way to work on your game than by breaking away from the daily grind and practicing in a setting where the only distractions are wild turkeys, squirrels, and deer.

Range Balls
Small bucket (25) $3.00
Medium bucket (45) $5.00
Large bucket (80) $8.00

Annual Pass $365.00 Individual;
$465.00 Couple; $565.00 Family

300+ yard Practice Range
Need to work on your game? Why not do it in the beautiful Sierra Foothills. Our range is open every day from 7:30 to 5:30 (closed Wednesdays at Noon for maintenance); with mats available on weekdays and turf on weekends.

Putt, Pitch, & Chip Areas
Our mountain offers up over 12,000 square feet of pristine practice greens for you to work on your short game. Practice from fairway lies, the rough, or from 2 different bunkers to hone your sand saves. Practice greens are open 7:30 am to sundown.

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